Stainless CBZS

General Information:

The self-latching and fast optical connector is renowned for its easy and quick mating and features. It provides absolute security against vibration, shock or pull on the cable, and facilitates operation in a very limited space,Connection loss is small, high reliability, rugged, waterproof, dustproof and resistant to harsh environments, etc. , can provide a core, 2 fibres, 4 fibres, 2 fibres 2 power, 2 fibres 4 power and a variety of multi-core electrical connectors and other models can also be designed and manufactured according to customer needs, can be used for outdoor harsh environments .


  • ●Emergency repair quick connect system
  • ●Radio and television industry, high-definition camera system
  • ●Military exercise communications devices
  • ●Mine communication system to connect
  • ●Railway emergency communication system to connect
  • ●Power industry emergency communication system
  • ●Connect the mine communication system

Main Features:

  • ● Using self-locking plug connection technology for fast connections.
  • ●Three keys to position the multi-core fiber design to ensure the correctness and a blind plug connection.
  • ●All-dielectric high-strength copper alloy case, high strength, but also the production of materials based on customer requirements.
  • ●Connector plug and socket comes with dust cover, ensure the quality of the connection.
  • ●Has a corrosion-resistant, waterproof, dustproof, etc.


Title Description
Optical Insertion Loss 9/125: 0.75 dBmax, 0.35 dBtyp 62.5/25: 0.75 dBmax, 0.14 dBtyp
Return Loss  >30 dB MMF, >40 dB SMF with PC polish
Mating Durability  2000 cycles per EIA-455-21
Vibration  10 g’s per EIA-455-11
Physical Shock per EIA-455-14, test condition A 
Thermal Shock  -62°C to +85°C per EIA-455-71, cond. B
Temperature Life  250 hours at 85°C per EIA-455-4
Corrosion Resistance  EIA-455-16, test condition C
Humidity 10 cycles per EIA-455-5
Fluid Immersion 1 meter, per EIA-455-12
Crush Resistance 450 lbs, per EIA-455-26
Cable Retention  400 lbs, per EIA-455-6
Cable Seal Flexing Per EIA-455-1
Impact EIA-455-2

Design Drawing