General Information:

Specifically for field wiring and complexity of environment, designed for repeated retractable conditions application, light weight, anti-tension, compression and strong; softness; easy to bend; abrasion, flame retardant, suit for widely range temperature. Communication systems for military field wiring or repeated rapid retractable; radar, aviation and ship wiring; oilfield, mine, port, broadcast live on television, communication line repair, and other harsh conditions of the occasion.


  • ● Military Communications
  • ●Coal, oil, natural gas, etc.
  • ●Geological exploration Communications
  • ●Broadcast television,
  • ●Emergency reopened optical fiber communication


  • ●Wiring compact all-dielectric structure, the inner sleeve is Ф0.9mm fiber, the cable has a high strength-weight ratio, allowing for quick wiring;
  • ●High-strength fiber composite structure secondary coating offers the best performance and minimum temperature of the additional attenuation cables in harsh conditions to ensure the reliability and service life;
  • ●A special high-strength, flexible type central reinforcing element, to ensure fiber strength and bending properties;
  • ●Large area of aramid reinforced fiber optic cable to provide a high mechanical strength;
  • ●Small tight pitch SZ stranded helical twisted fibers and aramid fibers single combined to ensure the field fiber optic cable has greater tensile strain capacity;
  • ●Environmental friendly, Comply with RoHS.

Mating Connector