ZLTC Technologies has provided support for the wind energy industry since our inception. In 2007, we first began to assist in projects to support downtower fiber optic cable assemblies for wind turbine nacelle controls and communication systems, and for more than 15 years we’ve successfully honed our fiber optic technology to perform in the uniquely rugged environments found up in wind turbines. Since 2005, we’ve expanded to support many additional products for wind energy, including large-scale power distribution panels, turbine control units, junction boxes, downtower cable assemblies, grounding cables, and custom printed circuit boards. Collaboration with our customers has led to some breakthroughs, including the creation of new and improved LED tower and nacelle emergency lighting systems. And ZLTC stands by its product, with long-term support for our global wind customers.

Contact Information:

Email: opto@zltcopto.com

Product Families

  • Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
  • Copper Cable Assemblies
  • Grounding Cable, Bonding Braids
  • Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Sensors
  • Box and Panel Builds
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Custom Printed Circuit Boards
  • Custom Engineering Capabilities


Primary products:

  • Connector-Photo2---TFOCA-GenX-Plug-Connector--Black-Anodized
  • TFOCA GenX
  • BJZLTC-TacLight
  • 12ch-Hybrid-Connector
  • 90degTX1