ZDC 6~8C Connector

General Information:

ODC outdoor waterproof connector with screw locking mechanism to ensure safe and reliable connection, the design guide pins, you can use one hand blind mating connector installation simple and quick to do. Products reach the level of protection IP67 waterproof, waterproof, dust protection and anti-corrosion protection can be well suited for outdoor use environments.


  • ● Outdoor harsh environment fiber optic communications using
  • ● Outdoor communication device is connected
  • ● Military communication devices
  • ● Oil, mining communication connection
  • ● The wireless Remote base station
  • ● Video surveillance systems
  • ● Fiber sensing
  • ● Railway signal control using
  • ● Intelligent substation station communication


Name Specifications
IL(SM) ≤1.0dB
IL(MM) ≤0.6dB
RL(SM) ≥50dB
Plug Connector ≤500N(Main Cable)
Socket ≤30N(Branch Cable)
Temp. -40℃~85℃
IP Class IP67
Corrosion Resistance Aluminum 6061: Continuous 48H, Copper Hpb59-1 nickel plated: Continuous 96H
RHOS All material comply with RoHS

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