Optical Fiber Communication Technology In Radio And Television network applications. Since the 1990s, China's extremely rapid development of optical communications industry, especially radio and television networks, electric power communication network, telecommunication trunk transmission network such rapid expansion, prompting the sharp increase in the amount of fiber-optic cable. SVA integrated information network scale and complexity of the system increases, the whole network management and maintenance, equipment failure and exclusion determination becomes increasingly difficult. Can be used SDH + ATM + optical fiber or composition of broadband digital transmission systems. The transmission network protection function can be used with a ring network transmission systems, transmission systems or components link various forms of complex networks, to meet a variety of integrated information transmission. For television broadcasting, broadband transmission system can be used in the master station to the local station of the desired number, the channel is set to broadcast the same television programs can be downloaded in various places can also be controlled via the network management platform download different stations different television programs.

Product Families

  • Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
  • Copper Cable Assemblies
  • Grounding Cable, Bonding Braids
  • Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Sensors
  • Box and Panel Builds
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Custom Printed Circuit Boards
  • Custom Engineering Capabilities


Primary products:

  • Accessories-Phto-5b---Flexible-Splice-Enclosure
  • Connector-Photo2---TFOCA-GenX-Plug-Connector--Black-Anodized
  • TFOCA GenX
  • Connector-Photo-14---Expanded-Beam-12-Channel-Receptacle-Connector copy
  • TFOCA 1
  • TFOCA 1 Tactical Fiber Optic Connector
  • TFOCA 1 Tactical Fiber Optic Connector
  • TFOCA 1 Tactical Fiber Optic Connector
  • TFOCA 1 Tactical Fiber Optic Connector