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PMF products can be used in fiber optic gyroscope as well as other areas of polarization-dependent devices, this product has a very low optical attenuation characteristics and excellent birefringence properties can be used to meet a variety of requirements. PMF using PCVD (plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition) process, having a refractive index distribution of accurate, cross-sectional geometry symmetry, vertical uniformity, excellent optical performance characteristics. PMF using UV-curable double coating layer structure, the fiber environment, stable performance, can be used in -50 ℃ to +85 ℃ temperature range.


  • ●Fiber Gyro
  • ●FBT coupler
  • ●Polarization sensitive devices
  • ● laser pigtail
  • ●Polarization Sensor
  • ●Polarization module pigtails


  • ● High birefringence
  • ● Polarization Maintaining good performance
  • ●Geometric consistency
  • ●Low attenuation
  • ●Bending stability
  • ●Dual UV coating structure


Title Description
Optical Insertion Loss 9/125: 0.75 dBmax, 0.35 dBtyp 62.5/25: 0.75 dBmax, 0.14 dBtyp
Return Loss  >30 dB MMF, >40 dB SMF with PC polish
Mating Durability  2000 cycles per EIA-455-21
Vibration  10 g’s per EIA-455-11
Physical Shock per EIA-455-14, test condition A 
Thermal Shock  -62°C to +85°C per EIA-455-71, cond. B
Temperature Life  250 hours at 85°C per EIA-455-4
Corrosion Resistance  EIA-455-16, test condition C
Humidity 10 cycles per EIA-455-5
Fluid Immersion 1 meter, per EIA-455-12
Crush Resistance 450 lbs, per EIA-455-26
Cable Retention  400 lbs, per EIA-455-6
Cable Seal Flexing Per EIA-455-1
Impact EIA-455-2

Fiber Parameters