• Ship Usage Fiber Connector

    Ship optic connectors are stainless steel 316L timber material, suitable for use in acid, corrosion and marine climate and other long-term work in harsh environments, the plug and socket using five key positioning, thread lock connection [...]

  • Corrosion resistance 4 Optical & 2 Power waterproof connector

    This connector is mainly used in the marine environment, for the drag device provides two-way power supply, and has 4-way optical fiber, the associated data and control signal transmission, due to the direct drag and drop the device, requires a relatively large composite cable tensile strength[...]

  • bjzltc-28876-4-ch-white
    Precision Parts

    BJZLTC is a collection development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, mainly in the development and production of special fiber optic connectors, Precision Parts, Precision Module Processing, industrial product design[...]

  • Precision Module & Plastic Processing

    Injection molding production workshop has many years of experience in personnel, with more than one plastic injection molding machines, can provide customers from product design → mold design → Plastics Injection → Molding tooling and other train services[...]