Industry Control 2-4C HPCF Cable

General Information:

HPCF fiber has low loss, broadband domain excellent performance, but also has a rugged, easy to operate expertise, can easily be installed in the field crimping cutting optical connectors are used in various fields such as FA.


  • HPCF large diameter cable has efficient LED coupling, numerical aperture reaches NA0.37, for Siemens, Phoenix, ABB,, Hochman and other industrial equipment information transfer. Versatility of this product widely.


Specifications Cable Parameters

Fiber Type HPCF
Fiber Count 2

Simplex Cable
Dimension 2.2±0.1mm
Material LSZH
Color Orange、blue
Aramid Yarm   Black PU LSZH jacket, Yarn
Strength Member 1.0mmFRP
Jacket Dimension 7.5
Material LSZH
Color Black

Mechanical and Environmental Characteristics

Unite Specifications
Tension(Long Term) N 300
Tension(Short Term) N 500
Crush(Long Term) N/10cm 500
Crush(Short Term) N/10cm 1000

Min. Bend Radius(Dynamic)
mm 20D

Min. Bend Radius(Static)
mm 10D
Operation temperature -30~+70

HPCF Series Pics