Handheld Cable Reel

General Information:

Handheld Cable Reel by the retractable cord device, rod device connector fixtures, guide wheel mechanism and other component parts, or for fast recovery and laying the cable around the storage field.


  • ●Urgently Telecommunication
  • ●Broadcasting Car
  • ●Telecommunication Interchange System
  • ●Power System Etc

Main Features:

  • 1, the steel frame design, with brake brakes, levers devices.
  • 2, the metal structure, durable dual retractable cord free end plate frame, with small size, light weight, easy to carry and so on.
  • 3, free retractable lever, ensuring quick and easy wiring, preservation, storage and transportation;
  • 4, fast and effective braking system, may at any time control retractable cord rhythm and fixed disk rotation;
  • 5, bayonet fastening connector fixtures, without any tools, you can quickly fixed connector;
  • 6, with a tailor-made field fiber optic cable protective cover, which can effectively protect the product aesthetics Cleanliness, with dust-proof and waterproof, etc;
  • Specifications: 100 m, 200 m, 300 m

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