ZLTC optical communication products in other industries fields of application:

Optical fiber communication systems in the aerospace industry also has a wide range of applications. A rough calculation of a commercial aircraft flying a year to reduce its weight per 1kg, its fuel will save 100L. Many aircraft data transfer and control system using a copper wire, the weight of almost every inch 4kg, the same length, the weight of copper is the plastic optical fiber 5 times that of the quartz fiber 15. For example, in general there are no less than large aircraft 150 ~ 170km of copper, of which 50% to 60% is used for data transmission and signal, if all of these copper wires with fiber optic systems to replace, the total weight of the entire aircraft will reduce the 1300 ~ 1500kg, weight reduction can lead to fuel savings. The application of optical fiber in aircraft generally have three characteristics:

1, A high performance (high bandwidth, light weight, small size, multiple wavelengths); 2, Economy (stability, low power, low cost, light weight related equipment); 3, Environmental adaptability (resistance to electromagnetic interference, chemically inert, etc.).

In the automotive industry, electronic control, high-speed GPS, stereo systems and sensing systems such as collision detection more complicated. Because car more complex, copper-based network system weight and volume for the designer has to consider the issue has become a. Thus designers are turning to fiber optic control system. Fiber optic control system benefits are obvious: high bandwidth, security, and reliability, immunity to electromagnetic interference, shock, easy installation, good flexibility and long service life.

In summary, we find that in contrast to the traditional copper wire control system fiber optic control system either from practical or economical for both better than copper wire control system. Light control system in the future a comprehensive alternative to copper wire system is only a matter of time. But now fiber optic control system in the country is still in a starting stage, many equipment manufacturers are either not using the optical interface control devices or optical interface has been used to control the device, but is fully imported devices and fiber optic cable. Visible light control our domestic system also requires that the optical components and fiber optic cable manufacturer vendors promoting.

Product Families

  • AC Drive Monitoring Fiber Assemblies
  • Belt line monitoring Fiber Optic assemblies
  • CO Methane Fiber Monitoring Assemblies
  • Data Communication assemblies
  • Drag Chain Fiber Assemblies
  • Emergency Fiber Restoration Solutions
  • HMI inter-connectivity
  • Industrial Ethernet Assemblies (Fiber or Copper)
  • Long Haul tunnel boring connectivity
  • Longwall Miner Fiber Assemblies
  • Miner Tracker Fiber Assemblies
  • Surface Haulage fiber inter-connectivity
  • Trailer/Dredger fiber optic assemblies—Land or Submerged
  • Video/Security Single Mode/Multimode Assemblies
  • Voice over IP Fiber inter-connectivity


Primary products:

  • Connector-Photo2---TFOCA-GenX-Plug-Connector--Black-Anodized
  • TFOCA GenX
  • Connector-Photo-14---Expanded-Beam-12-Channel-Receptacle-Connector copy
  • TFOCA 1
  • TFOCA 1 Tactical Fiber Optic Connector
  • TFOCA 1 Tactical Fiber Optic Connector
  • TFOCA 1 Tactical Fiber Optic Connector
  • TFOCA 1 Tactical Fiber Optic Connector
  • TFOCA 1 Tactical Fiber Optic Connector