Remote Base Station Optical Cable

General Information:

Remote base stations communicate optical cable, with ODC Series fiber optic connectors, commonly used in remote base stations connected to the engine room equipment, intelligent substation, etc.


  • ●Remote Base Station Optical Cable
  • ●Intelligent Substation room
  • ●Underground personnel positioning system
  • ●Emergency reopened optical fiber communication


  • ●Wiring compact all-dielectric structure, within Ф0.9mm tight buffered fiber, the cable has a high strength-weight ratio, allowing for quick wiring;
  • ●Ensure a large area of ​​aramid reinforced fiber optic cable provides a high mechanical strength;
  • ● SZ stranding pitch a few small tight buffered fiber and single-stranded helix of aramid fibers combined to ensure the cable has greater tensile strain capacity;
  • ● Outer sheath LSZH materials, environmental protection, in line with EU RoHs Directive;


Title Description
Optical Insertion Loss 9/125: 0.75 dBmax, 0.35 dBtyp 62.5/25: 0.75 dBmax, 0.14 dBtyp
Return Loss  >30 dB MMF, >40 dB SMF with PC polish
Mating Durability  2000 cycles per EIA-455-21
Vibration  10 g’s per EIA-455-11
Physical Shock per EIA-455-14, test condition A 
Thermal Shock  -62°C to +85°C per EIA-455-71, cond. B
Temperature Life  250 hours at 85°C per EIA-455-4
Corrosion Resistance  EIA-455-16, test condition C
Humidity 10 cycles per EIA-455-5
Fluid Immersion 1 meter, per EIA-455-12
Crush Resistance 450 lbs, per EIA-455-26
Cable Retention  400 lbs, per EIA-455-6
Cable Seal Flexing Per EIA-455-1
Impact EIA-455-2