PMF provides the ultimate in reliable performance in harsh environments where high cycle mating is of concern. Built on the ubiquitous telecommunications grade [...]

  • Non-Armored Tactical Cable

    Non-Armored Tactical Cable designed for repeated retractable conditions application[...]

  • Tactical Cable

    TACTICAL CABLE Specifically for field wiring and complexity of environment, designed for repeated retractable conditions application, light weight, anti-tension, compression and strong;[...]

  • Composite Cable

    Composite Cableoffers cylindrical multi-pin and socket fiber optic connectors manufactured and qualified to the design and interface requirements referenced in the MIL-PRF-28876E specification. This series of connectors provide [...]

  • Pulling Cable

    Pulling Cable offer rugged, reliable performance in harsh environments where high mating cycle is critical. Our connectors provide a robust connectivity solution resistant to corrosion, shock, [...]

  • HDTV SMPTE Cable

    HDTV SMPTE Cable Camera mixed fiber designed to meet the high-definition television (HDTV) broadcasting needs and design, and the first in Japan and the United States formed the standard. ARIB, SMPTE and EBU standard camera mixed fiber optic cable [...]

  • MELSECNET/H Network AS-B Cable

    DL-72, CA7003, CA9103, CA7103, SO1L2, DL6-CP, CF-2071 and other industrial fiber optic connectors Our professional on-site installation and testing tools, can provide users with efficient and convenient on-site installation services connector[...]

  • MELSECNET/H Network AS-D Cable

    MELSECNET/H Network AS-D Cable, Applied for MELSECNET/H network,Indoor Application[...]

  • HPCF Cable

    HPCF fiber has low loss, broadband domain excellent performance, but also has a rugged, easy to operate expertise, can easily be installed in the field crimping cutting optical connectors are used in various fields such as FA. [...]