ZLTC Technologies’ operations strive daily to design and deliver the industry’s most technically competent connectors and cable assemblies for use in the harshest environments, where failure and down time is not an option. Our customers require reliability above all else to ensure no loss of data or compromises in safety. ZLTC Technologies’ meets this need with short lead times with industry best delivery. Our engineers will work closely with your technical staff to establish the number of connections and type of optical fiber needed to manage your data transfer requirements both in rate and distance. The connectors that go into the final product are designed specifically for your application, whether it is repeated connect and disconnects, salt water conditions, high temperatures, simple and quick operation in rugged working conditions or Military grade reliability in explosive environments. The end product delivered does not just happen; it is a result of our Quality Management System that oversees all areas of our processes. Our staff and facility make it all happen.

Adaptation of shipboard fiber optic products for demanding applications and environments (e.g. high pressure/underwater) is a core competency of ZLTC Technologies’ engineering team. Our rugged, shock-proof products are designed to function for a ship’s life in the corrosive salt spray of a marine environment.

Product Families

  • Battlefield interconnect systems for surveillance, video and data communications
  • Deployable military tactical systems used in the Patriot Missile Program
  • Emergency restoration systems in harsh environment applications
  • Fiber optic sensing and monitoring or military installations
  • Secure voice, video and data communication


Primary products:

  • Connector-Photo2---TFOCA-GenX-Plug-Connector--Black-Anodized
  • TFOCA GenX
  • Connector-Photo-14---Expanded-Beam-12-Channel-Receptacle-Connector copy
  • M28876