AVAGO Industrial Control Patch Cord

General Information:

AVAGO Industrial Patch Cord mainly used in low-speed, short-distance transport, in the industrial control field bus systems and Internet development prospects, with high-bandwidth transmission, anti-jamming performance, signal stability and other advantages. Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) because of its outstanding electrical "noise" immunity has become the industrial and automotive automation applications in a very competitive alternative to copper products.


  • ●Data transmission and industrial automation and control bus system
  • ●Intelligent systems and industrial robot servo system
  • ●Communication switching system
  • ●Digital multimedia systems
  • ●Medical sensing system
  • ●Power systems


  • ●Anti-electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic radiation
  • ●Good flexibility, anti-vibration, to ensure that in any case the zero error rate transmission
  • ●High temperature and low temperature (-40 to 70 degrees Celsius)
  • ●Easy to install, no maintenance
  • ●Plastic optical fiber is not conductive, the power transmission line 3 can share the power supply distance With Agilent universal connection system
  • ●Compliance with international standards (EIA / TIA 569, CENELEC EN 50174-2)


Subject Parameters
Fiber O.D. 1mm
Outer O.D. Φ1.0/2.2mm
Fiber PMMA
Wavelength 650nm
Attenuation <0.19
Bending Radius 5 times
Connector IL <0.5db 
Numerical Aperture 0.47
Tensile Strength 27kg
Operation Lowest Temp. -40℃ 
Operation Highest Temp. 70℃ 
Transmission Delay 5ns/m 

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