Fiber optic control system industrial control applications there are many copper wire and coaxial cable systems can not match advantage. Because fiber is not charged , so they are used for flammable , explosive and other dangerous environments ideal way in this environment , if you use copper , when copper sheath ruptures the burst of sparks from the notch will cause explosion accidents . Moreover, if the fiber is destroyed, it will not cause electric shock to human risk . Furthermore , unlike traditional cable installation for structured copper and aluminum corrosion can occur as a corrosion resistant material of glass fiber . Especially in signal transmission, fiber optic cable has a tradition unmatched advantages. Because fiber is not affected by electromagnetic interference effects, therefore, more than copper fiber provides a clear signal . Of course, the fiber optic control system also has its shortcomings aspects . For example, the shunt coupling inconvenient, such as lack of bend radius is not too small . These problems with the rapid development of optical fiber technology , have been resolved. As for the price issue equipment , such as optical interface device usage more, installation costs will therefore bring the system up , but with the development of optical communication , these components will be mass-produced , it would be more convenient to use , price will be cheaper.

Now in the field of industrial control applications have more fiber , there are three main types : ordinary multimode fiber ; plastic cladding multimode fiber ; plastic optical fiber . In the field of industrial control optical fiber used for the installation and use environment determines the single-mode fiber core diameter is too small because (9μm) is not suitable for use in this case . Common core diameter of the multimode optical fiber are generally in between 50 ~ 62.5μm , a large core multimode fiber that is in use for the jumper connector shift shock or redundancy than single-mode fiber , an increase of equipment in operation reliability. Plastic multimode fiber cladding to core diameter of 200 ~ 600μm, compared to an ordinary multi-mode fiber for redundant vibration and offset higher precision requirements for the installation is relatively low . Plastic optical fiber due to excessive attenuation characteristic , the data transmission can only be used within a short distance .

Fiber optic control system is now widely used in heavy equipment , shipbuilding , aerospace, automobile manufacturing and other areas.

In China's " Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period , new energy development and utilization has risen to the national strategic level . Including wind and solar power is the focus of development . In the wind power generation system is now widely used in fiber-optic control system to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Compared to traditional copper, fiber in wind turbine tower cylinder under the action of a strong electric field for signal transmission without any interference. Fiber optic control system can also be widely used in solar power plants within the control of solar panels , saving space, and there is no problem of electromagnetic interference . Our country has always been the world's largest producer of heavy machinery in recent years in some heavy machinery such as port facilities , high-speed trains are also a growing number of products above using the fiber optic control system to replace the traditional copper wire control system. Fiber optic control system on the advantages of this type of equipment is also very significant , high bandwidth , light weight , good flexibility , space saving cable , cheap and so on.

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